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November 07, 2003


Mr. Clark

"exercise dominion over canines of all types" If such a class will be created, This power is very powerful. Especially in a land where Dogs are usefull in hunting or detecting undead. Perhaps the dogs they use are dire-dogs or a specific type of dog existing in this world ( of sufficient Shady character :) ). Thing of "Worgs"...
What are Worgs without Goblins?
What are Master of Hounds without "Bad attitude having nasty dogs"?

Tales about the dogs can preface the Cult etc..


I would recommend that they would only hold their power over domesticated dogs, not wolves, dire wolves, etc.
Later progression could result into ability to polymorph into a dog progressing into a "werewolf" form.



Why? What is the justification for limiting it to just dogs and not canines in general?

I picture that the number of hit dice controlled would increase as the Master of Hounds levels up.

What is the purpose/justification for a polymorph ability? Certainly it would barely help a gnoll. The class is the Master of Hounds, not Werewolf-Lite. This proposed ability does not follow the concept of the prestige class.

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