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August 16, 2004



Wow! That's one spectacular screwfest!

It sounds like the problems are on the real life side of the table, from your description. Instead of PEBCAK (problem exists between chair and keyboard), you got some rampant PEBCAD (problem exists between chain and dice) :)

First, find out what possessed them to basically perform a self-sacrifice. They ran into a potential party-wipe without buffs. This says to me that they either weren't interested in completing the campaign (for whatever reason), OR they succumbed to something that plagues my party from time to time ...

Every so often, my players "overplan" something. Something like taking over 30 minutes to discuss how they're going to open a door. Painful. On the heels of this, however, usually comes 1-2 encounters where nobody thinks things through. At all. Dunno if this is what happened to your group.

If they really want to continue the campaign, you have some choices to make. First off, at least one of them (soul destroyed) is irrecoverable. Several of the others are in various states of screwed, with the chances of them being brought back slim.

You can:

Rewind and pretend the entire night never happened, and only re-design that one encounter (make it a dream sequence or some other cheesy mechanism).

Roll new tunes. Reture the adventure arcs.

Recover as many folks as you can and make the really-dead ones reroll an appropriately-leveled character.

Good luck, sounds awful :(


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